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Flying around and eaves-dropping. Telling stories for young and old. Making difficult subjects easy to understand through a series of books for children.
Wise Owl Story Books For Children

T. Owl's egg was thrown out of its nest by a cuckoo. He hatched on the grass under a eucalyptus tree and was out of place right from the beginning.

As he made his way in the world T. Owl discovered that people did not think like he did. He had the most fun when he roosted in the eaves of the house where Maureen Nathan lives.  Whenever he heard her talking to her young visitors, especially her grand-daughters, life began to make more sense.
Maureen would look out at him on full moon nights and say “That Owl is here again” or “The Owl is flying  high” or “This Owl has adopted us”.

In April 2012 T. Owl decided to make himself known to Maureen. He suggested that he would scout out stories to tell to all the boys and girls in the world to help them figure out how to live in harmony with everyone else.

T. Owl has many moods, just like you and me. Sometimes he has to turn his back on things, till he can work out if he is happy or sad about an idea. Some things make him cross, others make him think, others take him by surprise. See how his moods reflect what he is saying in the story.

T. Owl is very wise and sits on an Information Cloud, dispersing his wisdom. Wise T. Owl spends a lot of time looking at the world at large. He analyses what he sees, and tries to find ways to explain so that young people of today will know better and earlier how to make decisions that are right and fair.  

Wise T. Owl met up with the Justkin family very soon in his life, and decided that as they try to live a Just Life with all their Kin, they were perfect characters for his stories. The Justkins, their ancestors and relatives all over the world colour and act out Wise T. Owl's stories.

It started off that T. Owl was just going to explain how money began and what “Fiat Money” is now. Then he discovered that boys and girls, Mums and Dads wanted his thoughts about lots of different subjects. Now the list grows and grows. So far Dylan has done illustrations for Money, Rules, Boundaries, Spending, Trust, Freedom, Invasion, Work, Knowledge and the Cycle of Life.
T. Owl, Maureen and Dylan have lots of work to do.

Author’s Note:

T. Owl was created out of need. When Maureen showed the first draft of “The Story of Money” to her grand-daughter Emily, the child demanded speech bubbles and better pictures than were first drawn by her grandma.
We searched for a wise “creature” to “tell the story in Speech Bubbles” that could be recognised world-wide. At one of the regular meetings with our illustrator, Dylan Chambers, Maureen’s partner Robert Legeay suggested a Wise Owl. We kept talking about The Owl, who talked about This and That. So T. Owl was born. Coincidentally Dylan's wise grandfather is Theodore.

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