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Robert Legeay

Robert Legeay is author Maureen Nathan's life partner. 

Robert is now retired after a long career in the airline industry with postings all over the world including Tahiti, Indonesia, Japan and Australia, then finally back in Paris in Air France headquarters. He patiently drives Maureen to meetings, listens to the discussions and analyses the intent. He regularly sets delicious meals on the table, whether after they have walked their dog on the NSW South Coast beach in Australia, or after a coffee in the square of his historical home town of Richelieu, in the Loire Valley in France.

He is delighted to be part of a life that incorporates both "old and new"  worlds. Longbeach NSW faces onto a Marine Park, and Richelieu is located in a Unesco World Patrimony region. It was Robert's suggestion that the pilot book launch occurred in Richelieu.

Robert was brought up in France, with little time for leisure reading or comic books. The format for the Wise T.Owl series is a surprise to him, and he is delighted to have added to the concept.  Robert introduced both the concept of The Owl as narrator, and that so much information is stored in the cloud nowadays.

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