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John Justkin is the oldest son of the Justkin family. 

Although John Justkin is not named in the series, he is the young male adult character throughout.

He lives alone, and has a  lovely lady surfer friend Suzy.

John's parents Mom and Dad have several other young children still at home. Mr Justkin, like so many dads is trying to juggle all the facets of modern day life. He is grateful to T. Owl for his wisdom in putting things into perspective. Mrs Justkin juggles work, raising her family, teaching them life skills and keep them safe from harm. She relies on Wise T. Owl to explain some of the difficult day to day issues that her children face.

Grandma Justkin finds it very hard to understand what is going on in the world today. She comes from a generation where people spent quality time together, without all the electronic devices, and technical options. John's Grandma often gives cameo appearances.

John's siblings include his very active brother and sister and a baby sister. Justkin Junior gets into all kinds of scrapes as he challenges his parents and siblings trying to stretch his personal boundaries. Wise T. Owl uses him to illustrate how to live life in freedom and harmony without conflict.

John is the main character in the Story of Freedom. During the first day of his holidays John with the help of his dog Rex discovers that freedom is illusive in our modern world.  It is thanks to Wise T. Owl that John discovers that the only way he can be free is to make sure that  the rules are equal for everybody.  

Author's note:

In discussions with illustrator Dylan, we needed a name for the family of characters. Dylan had easily captured the essence of an average family seeking to find and understand how to live a moral and just life. Kin is an olde English word for extended family, and from that the name Justkin was born.

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