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I've been drawing since I could pick up a pencil, my Nan was an amazing painter, my Mum is artistic as well. When I was little I used to write my own books and illustrate them for fun. I worship the Ninja Turtles and Spongebob, they were a huge inspiration.

Illustrating is my dream job.

I wanted to make my own cartoon for the local paper, so I drew up a comic strip about me going to an interview with the editor and becoming rich and famous.. and it worked pretty well, because I met Maureen and now we are doing the T.Owl Series together.

My mom suggested my email signature of scribblin247@.....

I have really enjoyed the challenge of getting kids to understand Maureen’s words, so that T.Owl is fun. My brother has been great helping me make things easier to understand.

Author's note:

After Miss Emily had been so dismissive of her grandmother’s efforts, Maureen returned home to try and find an illustrator.  

She needed someone who understood her motivations and attitude to life.  

Maureen spoke to her friends in her various associations, and on her walks. One inspirational woman Maria DeRocco, mentioned the young cartoonist who had written a job application to the local paper, the Bay Post, Maria then made the effort to deliver the article to Maureen.  

There was no Chambers listed in the phone book in Moruya, the Bay Post was naturally reluctant to give out his details, so Maureen Googled Dylan, and found him and 2 mates from Moruya High School in a hair shaving fundraiser. One had an unusual surname, so Maureen phoned them, and spoke to the Lady of the home. Maureen explained who she was, and why she needed to talk to Dylan. A few minutes later the phone rang, the neighbour had contacted Dylan and his Mom.  

Dylan and Maureen agreed to meet, and the rest is….. history

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