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The people behind the Wise T. Owl Book Series provide the inspiration, talent, critique, hard work and coffee. Wise T. Owl and his friends (The Justkins Family) are the fictional characters and actors bringing to life the stories.
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Maureen Nathan

Maureen is a multi-talented, creative lady with an eclectic and unique personality. The challenge of authoring the new series of books for Wise T. Owl is one she takes in her stride.

Role Within Team: Author | Business Owner | Self-publisher
Australian Author Childrens Book Series
Wise T. Owl

T. Owl's egg was thrown out of its nest by a cuckoo. He hatched on the grass under a eucalyptus tree and was out of place right from the beginning.

Role Within Team: Narrator
Wise Owl Story Books For Children
Dylan Chambers

I've been drawing since I could pick up a pencil, my Nan was an amazing painter, my Mum is artistic as well. When I was little I used to write my own books and illustrate them for fun.

Role Within Team: Illustrator
Children's Books - Illustrator
Dynamo Heidi

Heidi watched Maureen's efforts on The Story of Money and asked immediately for a similar book on Boundaries. Her Johnny was having difficulty understanding that his little sister Rainbow has very different needs to his.

Role Within Team: Muse and Househelp
Emily Nathan

Emily was the first critic in the concept of The Story of Money. She has been first proof reader, muse and inspiration for the series

Role Within Team: Muse and Critic
Emily Nathan
Lucy Nathan

Lucy has been a major force in simplifying the message. Her catch phrase of "What does that mean?" has focused the author, her Grandmother Maureen, on the need to keep the complex ideas as simple as possible.

Role Within Team: Muse and Critic
Lucy Nathan
Miranda Cook

Miranda has the responsibility of digitising, vectoring and creatively colouring the original black & white hand-drawn illustrations produced by Dylan - Wise T. Owl's illustrator.

Role Within Team: Graphic Design and Book Layout
Custom Design & Book Layout
Raymond Crooke

Ray's love of words started very early in life as he wrote and read stories for his siblings. Story telling and writing turned into a career as an English teacher which has taken Raymond and his wife Yoong on many travels .

Role Within Team: Chief Book Editor
Children's Book Editor
Robert Legeay

Robert Legeay is author Maureen Nathan's life partner. 

Role Within Team: Life Support
Robert Legeay
The Justkin Family

John Justkin is the oldest son of the Justkin family. 

Although John Justkin is not named in the series, he is the young male adult character throughout.

He lives alone, and has a  lovely lady surfer friend Suzy.

Role Within Team: Picture Book Stories - Cartoon Character
Children's Picture Story Book Cartoon Characters.
Wonderful Others

As a local identity with a distinctive accent, it is very hard for the author Maureen to go anywhere in the districts of either Batemans Bay or Richelieu without being recognised. She is well known for diving into weird and wonderful projects.

Role Within Team: Invaluable Input
Team playing
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