Everything else and then a bit more.

Political Hopefuls Demand Trust

The current news cycle is dominated with electioneering. Why do the political hopefuls expect us to trust them?

No matter where you are in the world, if you are exposed to any media coverage, political hopefuls are demanding that you trust them.

Lost In The Ether or Snail Mail

On 3rd April 2014 Author Maureen Nathan was Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club of Batemans Bay. The pictures got lost in the Ether and arrived one year later to the week.

On 3rd April 2014, Maureen Nathan addressed members of the Batemans Bay Rotary Club at their dinner meeting.  She explained the inspiration and origins of the Wise T. Owl Series, and answered questions.

Rotary Club Certificate of Appreciation to author Maureen Nathan

Batemans Bay Friday Foreshore Markets

Author Maureen Nathan will be selling and signing Wise T. Owl Story Books at the Summer Markets

After last summer's successful Friday night markets in Batemans Bay, Author Maureen Nathan  will once again be available for signing books.  Look our for her and the Wise T.

Rain Rain Stay away on Friday afternoons.

Paris Fame

Wise T. Owl and Educational Resource

Xavier was delighted to relate his experience with his set of Wise T. Owl Stories, acquired in Richelieu. Later that week he was showing them off to friends in a cafe in Paris, when 3 women sitting nearby commented. "Oh we have those and use them in Lennan Bi-Lingual School"

Sight Words Homework

Wise T. Owl's Story of Money can be used for sight words homework. In many curriculums children are given a list of words that they have to learn by sight, finding them in books that are read to them, or that they are reading themselves.

Celeste regards author Maureen as an auntie, and loved being given a copy of Wise T. Owl's Story of Money this week. She used the book for part of the homework set by her bilingual school in Paris, and came home with this note from her teacher.

Possible Future Stories.. growing list

Topics for the Wise T. Owl Picture Story Books series have grown into a long list as people express the need for explaination or help on approaching, discussing or explaining various subjects to children, teens and even adults.

T. Owl’s Series of Stories - springboards for discussion.

It seems that each time the author has a discussion about Wise T. Owl, a new subject is suggested, particularly by grandparents or new parents.

Children's Non Fiction Book Series
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