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The third Eurobodalla Library Book Reading was a great success on March 25th. St Bernards Primary School year 2 students bussed down to the Batemans Bay Library, and spent an hour with Author Maureen Nathan, who not only read "Wise T. Owl's Story of Money" but also explained the process of creating the book which was inspired by The Original Gold Rush Colony.

Local Identity and now author of The Wise T. Owl series of children’s books, Maureen Nathan answered many  questions raised by 60 year 2 students from St Bernards Primary in the Batemans Bay Library on Wednesday 25th March.

This is the 3rd book reading Maureen has done in the shire libraries.  Wise T. Owl’s Story of Money traces the role of currency as a medium for exchange.  This is one of the many  ‘ difficult topics made easy’  covered in the series written for children.
Maureen interspersed the story line by posing and accepting  questions and answers, interacting with her rapt audience.
What would you grow or make to swap in a barter system?  Do you have to have money in the bank before you can get cash out at the ATM?  What do you need to get money out of an ATM?  Is paper money worth anything?  There was a great deal of giggling over the various pictures on the range of currencies Maureen passed around.
Many students shyly or proudly said that they wrote stories of their own on a regular basis.  They wanted to know how long it took to write the book and the various stages involved in its final production. .  Maureen explained that  there were many steps after her first ideas had been written down and ‘badly illustrated ‘ by herself, as a little book for her grandchildren and staff at The Original Gold Rush Colony.  Meeting with Dylan, Vectoring by Miranda, Editing and finally self publishing etc took the greater part of 8 months. They loved that the illustrations were done by Dylan Chambers whilst still at Moruya High School
Many of the students had read or owned copies of the 3  books,  covering Money, Trust and Rules.  They wanted to know when the next in the series would come out, and what other topics would be covered.  Maureen explained she needs to sell 1000 books before she can print the next one.  They are for sale  on the internet  or at The Original Gold Rush Colony.  Subjects  ready to go are Spending and Boundaries.
As The Original Gold Rush Colony was the inspiration for the Story of Money,   the children were given a brochure  to visit  as they departed.  They were reminded  that as locals, they can visit for $5 each only, or if they brought out of town visitors, as hosts, the locals get in for free.
Plans are also in train for Maureen to do a holiday workshop with children in a Batemans Bay Library.

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