Reading Wise T. Owl's Story of Trust

Teacher and Children's responses to the Lennan Bilingual School's classroom book reading by Australian author Maureen Nathan.
Reading together - educational children's books.

The Lennan Bilingual School in Paris, France is a small private school offering a unique bilingual curriculum for preschool, kinder and primary students aged between two and a half and 11 years old. The children from many countries and backgrounds are exposed to both French and English and study half day in French, half day in English.

Australian author Maureen Nathan received this letter of response after a reading of Wise T. Owl's Story of Trust, the second book in the new educational book series for children.

Dear Maureen Nathan,

Thank you for coming to the Lennan Bilingual School in 1st grade RED.  We really liked when you read us the book Wise T. Owl;s Story of Trust.

  • Lila's favourite part was when the little boy was all muddy.
  • Max and Marcus liked when the man tried to leave the restaurant saying "Thanks mate. That was great!"
  • When the boy catches the girl on the trapeze is Celeste's favourite part.
  • Nate liked seeing the guy in the grey coat who says, "Hey, you can trust me"
  • Oliver, Maximilian and Salar liked when the big guys are playing rugby.
  • Remembering that police keep us safe is Gabriele's favourite part.
  • Antonio liked when the big car was driving too fast behind the little car.
  • Jimena thought it was funny when the bus driver got lost.
  • When the builder doesn't know how to build a dog house is the part Nicholas prefers.

Thank you for sharing the book with us and giving us both books for our library.

All the best from 1st grade RED Lennan Bilingual School  September 27th 2013

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I find it enchanting that the children related so strongly and with so great a variety, to the illustrations by Dylan Chambers. It is my sincere hope that the time spent on Wise T. Owl's Story of Trust will help the children to be able to identify who we should trust, why trust is important, and how we can be trusted.

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