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Australian Children's educational book series author, Maureen Nathan is available from time to time for book readings at your school, library or group venue. Please contact Maureen to explore possibilities.

Last Day of Term

A succesful book reading of Wise T. Owl's Story of Rules on the last day of term, lead to 'hundreds' of questions.

The grand-daughter of author Maureen Nathan, was very excited to tell her grandma about the last day of school. Her teacher began the reading Wise T. Owl's Story of Rules, with the dedication. She stopped, and asked "Is that you? Did your Grandma write the book?"

What Inspires An Author?

The third Eurobodalla Library Book Reading was a great success on March 25th. St Bernards Primary School year 2 students bussed down to the Batemans Bay Library, and spent an hour with Author Maureen Nathan, who not only read "Wise T. Owl's Story of Money" but also explained the process of creating the book which was inspired by The Original Gold Rush Colony.

Local Identity and now author of The Wise T. Owl series of children’s books, Maureen Nathan answered many  questions raised by 60 year 2 students from St Bernards Primary in the Batemans Bay Library on Wednesday 25th March.

Reading Wise T. Owl Story Of Rules at Narooma

Author Maureen Nathan explained how the Wise T. Owl Series came about. She then read Wise T. Owl's Story of Rules to Sixty Narooma Pubic School Students.

From the moment the sixty well behaved Narooma Public School Year 2 students filed into the airy space of Narooma Library, author Maureen Nathan felt a great rapport. They sat cross legged on the floor, engrossed,  as she explained the reasons for the creation of the first book Wise T.

Eurobodalla Library Book Readings

Author Maureen Nathan will be giving a series of short talks and book readings at Moruya, Batemans Bay and Narooma Libraries in November

Author Talk – Maureen Nathan
Wise T. Owl's Picture Book Series "Big Topics Made Simple"

Guest Speaker At Probus

South Coast NSW Author to read a few pages and explain how the Wise T. Owl educational children's book series came about at Batemans Bay meeting.

Last year the main Batemans Bay newspaper, The Bay Post, wrote an article about the origins of the Wise T. Owl Picture Story Books for Little Children.

Batemans Bay, South Coast NSW Australia.

Reading Wise T. Owl's Story of Trust

Teacher and Children's responses to the Lennan Bilingual School's classroom book reading by Australian author Maureen Nathan.

The Lennan Bilingual School in Paris, France is a small private school offering a unique bilingual curriculum for preschool, kinder and primary students aged between two and a half and 11 years old.

Reading together - educational children's books.

Reading About Trust In Paris

A vote of students at the Lennen Bilingual School in Paris narrowly selected Wise T. Owl's Story of Trust for the book reading by author Maureen Nathan.

Author Maureen Nathan was privileged to be invited to address a class of the Lennen Bilingual School in Paris on Thursday Sept 19th. The students were very attentive throughout the PowerPoint presentation about how the Wise T. Owl picture story books for little children came about.

Story of Trust Classroom Reading
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