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23rd August 2013 - First book in Australian author, Maureen Nathan's new children's series, Wise T. Owl's Story of Money launches in a romantic street setting in historic Richelieu in the Loire Valley of France.
New children's storybook launched

Australian author Maureen Nathan is a lady with a vision who has begun a mission to provide a series of books which can be used as springboards for discussion for parents and adults involved with young children. 

Wise T. Owl’s Picture Story Books provide a strong narrative with fun and enchanting cartoons by illustrator Dylan Chambers.  The subjects include: Story of Money and Story of Trust, printed mid 2013 with Wise T. Owl’s stories of Rules and Boundaries undergoing editing, and many more in the pipeline.

Maureen Nathan attended the first book signing and dedication of Wise T.Owl’s Story of Money in the romantic, historical village of Richelieu France, 300km south of Paris, on a traditional market day.

Her partner Robert Legeay offered the use of the shop front of the now closed, once celebrated, Legeay Patissarie for her use on Friday 23rd August, the last weekend of the school holidays.  His French translation of the text was a bonus insert for both French and English holiday makers, visiting the village created by Cardinal Richelieu nearly 400 years ago.

Response from both adults and children was beyond expectation.

Maureen is pictured outside 7 Grande Rue, the Legeay family home for over 120 years.

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