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The current news cycle is dominated with electioneering. Why do the political hopefuls expect us to trust them?
No matter where you are in the world, if you are exposed to any media coverage, political hopefuls are demanding that you trust them. There seems to be little difference between the main ideologies of left and right.  Whether listening to Clinton or Trump, Shorton or Turnbull, Brexit or the... + read more
A succesful book reading of Wise T. Owl's Story of Rules on the last day of term, lead to 'hundreds' of questions.
The grand-daughter of author Maureen Nathan, was very excited to tell her grandma about the last day of school. Her teacher began the reading Wise T. Owl's Story of Rules, with the dedication. She stopped, and asked "Is that you? Did your Grandma write the book?" Maureen was thrilled... + read more
On 3rd April 2014 Author Maureen Nathan was Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club of Batemans Bay. The pictures got lost in the Ether and arrived one year later to the week.
Rotary Club Certificate of Appreciation to author Maureen Nathan
On 3rd April 2014, Maureen Nathan addressed members of the Batemans Bay Rotary Club at their dinner meeting.  She explained the inspiration and origins of the Wise T. Owl Series, and answered questions. She was very impressed when after the presentation she received a certificate of... + read more
The third Eurobodalla Library Book Reading was a great success on March 25th. St Bernards Primary School year 2 students bussed down to the Batemans Bay Library, and spent an hour with Author Maureen Nathan, who not only read "Wise T. Owl's Story of Money" but also explained the process of creating the book which was inspired by The Original Gold Rush Colony.
Local Identity and now author of The Wise T. Owl series of children’s books, Maureen Nathan answered many  questions raised by 60 year 2 students from St Bernards Primary in the Batemans Bay Library on Wednesday 25th March. This is the 3rd book reading Maureen has done in the shire... + read more
Book Sales and Signings On Friday Evening
Warmer weather made for a pleasant evening for tourists and visitors to Batemans Bay where author Maureen Nathan chatted with book lovers and signed books.
Author Maureen Nathan will be selling and signing Wise T. Owl Story Books at the Summer Markets
Rain Rain Stay away on Friday afternoons.
After last summer's successful Friday night markets in Batemans Bay, Author Maureen Nathan  will once again be available for signing books.  Look our for her and the Wise T. Owl Story Books covering the subjects of Rules, Trust and Money.  They make ideal Christmas presents that... + read more
Author Maureen Nathan explained how the Wise T. Owl Series came about. She then read Wise T. Owl's Story of Rules to Sixty Narooma Pubic School Students.
From the moment the sixty well behaved Narooma Public School Year 2 students filed into the airy space of Narooma Library, author Maureen Nathan felt a great rapport. They sat cross legged on the floor, engrossed,  as she explained the reasons for the creation of the first book Wise T. Owl... + read more
Author Maureen Nathan will be giving a series of short talks and book readings at Moruya, Batemans Bay and Narooma Libraries in November
Author Talk – Maureen Nathan Wise T. Owl's Picture Book Series "Big Topics Made Simple" Narooma Library: Tuesday 18th November – 11AM. RSVP 4476 1164 Batemans Bay Library: Wednesday 19th November - 11AM. RSVP 4472 5850 Moruya Library: Friday 21st November - 10.00AM... + read more
Wise T. Owl and Educational Resource
Xavier was delighted to relate his experience with his set of Wise T. Owl Stories, acquired in Richelieu. Later that week he was showing them off to friends in a cafe in Paris, when 3 women sitting nearby commented. "Oh we have those and use them in Lennan Bi-Lingual School"
South Coast NSW Author to read a few pages and explain how the Wise T. Owl educational children's book series came about at Batemans Bay meeting.
Batemans Bay, South Coast NSW Australia.
Last year the main Batemans Bay newspaper, The Bay Post, wrote an article about the origins of the Wise T. Owl Picture Story Books for Little Children. As a result, author Maureen Nathan has been invited by Audrey Picker co-ordinator for guest speakers to be the guest speaker at the Batemans Bay... + read more
Local Batemans Bay author of new children's book series, Maureen Nathan, will be available for book signings on 3 occassions the first weekend of December.
Batemans Bay Childrens Book Author Signings
Having recently returned from France, the Author of the new children's book series, Wise T. Owl Picture Story Books For Children, Maureen Nathan is available for book signings and local NSW South Coast book launches and readings. You can catch up with Maureen at the weekend book signings... + read more
Teacher and Children's responses to the Lennan Bilingual School's classroom book reading by Australian author Maureen Nathan.
Reading together - educational children's books.
The Lennan Bilingual School in Paris, France is a small private school offering a unique bilingual curriculum for preschool, kinder and primary students aged between two and a half and 11 years old. The children from many countries and backgrounds are exposed to both French and English and study... + read more
A vote of students at the Lennen Bilingual School in Paris narrowly selected Wise T. Owl's Story of Trust for the book reading by author Maureen Nathan.
Story of Trust Classroom Reading
Author Maureen Nathan was privileged to be invited to address a class of the Lennen Bilingual School in Paris on Thursday Sept 19th. The students were very attentive throughout the PowerPoint presentation about how the Wise T. Owl picture story books for little children came about. Maureen then... + read more
Wise T. Owl's Story of Money can be used for sight words homework. In many curriculums children are given a list of words that they have to learn by sight, finding them in books that are read to them, or that they are reading themselves.
Celeste regards author Maureen as an auntie, and loved being given a copy of Wise T. Owl's Story of Money this week. She used the book for part of the homework set by her bilingual school in Paris, and came home with this note from her teacher. Celeste left her copy of Wise T. Owl's Story... + read more
23rd August 2013 - First book in Australian author, Maureen Nathan's new children's series, Wise T. Owl's Story of Money launches in a romantic street setting in historic Richelieu in the Loire Valley of France.
New children's storybook launched
Australian author Maureen Nathan is a lady with a vision who has begun a mission to provide a series of books which can be used as springboards for discussion for parents and adults involved with young children.  Wise T. Owl’s Picture Story Books provide a strong narrative with fun and... + read more
Topics for the Wise T. Owl Picture Story Books series have grown into a long list as people express the need for explaination or help on approaching, discussing or explaining various subjects to children, teens and even adults.
Children's Non Fiction Book Series
T. Owl’s Series of Stories - springboards for discussion. It seems that each time the author has a discussion about Wise T. Owl, a new subject is suggested, particularly by grandparents or new parents. This is not a definitive list and not all topics will be printed, the author and... + read more
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