How? Why? When? Where?

Wise T. Owl provides answers to many questions. The Picture Story Books provide a springboard for discussion, making difficult topics easy.

Wise T. Owl Picture Storybooks

Wise T. Owl is here to share some stories with you, containing educational and thought-provoking views and values.

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Wise T. Owl's Story of Money

Wise T. Owl's Story of Trust

Wise T. Owl's Story of Rules

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Learn More About Money, Trust and Rules from Wise T. Owl

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What People Say

"Big subject broken down into various aspects to help teach children about the important role trust has in our dealings with other people and our interaction in the world."

Dianne S


"After seeing author Maureen Nathan's earlier black and white drafts, I knew there was a need for these books in the market! Seeing the published versions today, I know they'll succeed!"

Michael Harris


"I am a primary school teacher. After reading the books over the weekend I took them to work. I have just read the book about money to my Year Three class, our current maths unit is money."



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Where did money come from and why do we need it?

These questions and more are answered in this book, where  Wise T. Owl tells us about the evolution of money.

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