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Introducing Wise T. Owl

Who is THAT OWL? Is it THE OWL? Wise T. Owl has stories to tell! Find out more about THIS OWL - It's Wise T. Owl.   Wise T. Owl Picture Story Books for Little Children (and those not so young!).

Wise T. Owl Picture Storybooks Series

Wise T. Owl is here to share some stories with you. Containing educational and thought provoking views and values that seem to have fallen through the mainstream learning channels.

Designed as essential reading for all ages,  make sure the Wise T. Owl Book Series finds its way to your book shelf, home or school library...
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Wise T. Owl picture story books will be available at discounted wholesale rates for bulk orders. We are interested to hear from book shops, re-sellers, schools, children's stores, parent  /  homeschoolers groups and fundraisers.

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Meet The People Behind The Series

Find out more about the Author - Maureen Nathan, Illustrator & Cartoonist - Dylan Chambers and the long suffering Justkins family!

An extraordinary crew, bringing to life the Wise T. Owl Picture Story Book Series and helping T. Owl communicate his common-sense everyday wisdom to you.

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Educational Children's Picture Book Series

Wise T. Owl Picture Story Books is a fun and educational book series by Australian author Maureen Nathan. Designed in storybook style, with humorous and colourful illustrations by Dylan Chambers, each book introduces real life topics and themes which can act as a springboard for further discussion and learning.

Story of Rules Sample Page - Rules of the Game

Wise T. Owl’s Story Of Rules is part of the fun and educational... + details

Story of Trust Sample Page - Lost Back O' Bourke

Wise T. Owl’s Story Of Trust is the second book to be printed as... + details

Story of Money Sample Page - Self Sufficient Farmers

Wise T. Owl's Story of Money is the first of the Wise T.Owls... + details

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